Policy Work on the Local Level:

The District of Columbia's Historic Landmark and Historic District Protection Act protects all
historic landmarks or structures that contribute to a historic district and/or are listed in the
District of Columbia Inventory of Historic Sites.  Permit applications involving these
resources must be reviewed for historic compatibility prior to issuance by the D.C. Historic
Preservation Office, and are often reviewed by the DC Historic Preservation Review Board
(“HPRB”).  To this end, we provide:

•  Consultation on historic preservation design standards and guidelines
•  Project development and review preparation for architects and developers
•  Advice and strategy development for individuals, neighborhoods, and                            
   communities in communicating with developers, architects, and involvement in the        
   project review process
•  Testimony preparation and coaching
•  Expert witness testimony on behalf of clients before Advisory Neighborhood                  
   Commissions (ANCs) and historic preservation review bodies, including DC Historic     
   Preservation Review Board, Old Georgetown Board, Commission on Fine Arts,             
   Virginia Department of Historic Resource, and Maryland Historic Trust

Policy Work on the Federal Level:

The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 directs the Federal Government, in
cooperation with state and local governments, Native Americans, and the public, to take a
leadership role in preservation.  To this end, we provide:

•  Assistance to federal preservation officers and other agency staff with compliance        
   activities related to NHPA Sections 106, 110, and 111, including coordination with          
   federal agencies, state and  local historic preservation offices, consulting parties, and   
   other stakeholders
•  Compliance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of               
   Historic Properties
•  Determinations of Eligibility (DOE), Areas of Potential Effects
•  Mitigations, MOAs, Historic Structure Reports (HRS), Historic American Buildings         
   Survey (HABS) documentation, National Register of Historic Places nominations
•  Proposal and RFP bid development for contracting parties and Project team staffing     
  (SF 330) for historic preservationist, architect, and historic architect