Preservation Matters, LLC offers a wide range of professional services related to
architectural history, historic preservation, and cultural resources management.  From
research and preservation policy to hands on solutions, Preservation Matters is dedicated
to protecting and preserving buildings, sites, neighborhoods, and districts that embody
elements of local or national architectural, cultural, or archaeological history.

Our work includes documenting historic properties, consulting on federal procedures and
regulations, working with architects, developers, property owners, and communities in
understanding and applying preservation laws, regulations and design guidelines,
preservation planning, restorations, and rehabilitations.

The team at Preservation Matters is comprised of the most dedicated preservation
professionals in the area, with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the
Washington, DC area's unique architectural, developmental, and cultural history.  It meets
or exceeds the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards for
Historic Preservation (48 CFR 44716), including Architectural History, Architecture,
Historic Architecture, and Archaeology.
The Capital Area's Architectural History &
Historic Preservation Specialists